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Transient beauty
road to light
At my house, we have a garden. A rather large one in fact that my mother absolutely loves to frolick around in. Every evening after work, she would go out to the garden and either pick flowers for the various vases lying about in the house or she would nurture and look after the different flowers around. She says it's therapeutic. I, on the other hand, enjoy looking at the garden, but not the physical labour. Unlike her, I find it stressful, as opposed to soothing. 

We have this magnificent crabapple tree at the back, and from the kitchen you have the perfect view of the tree. Like as if the previous owners strategically put the tree there so you can see it everyday, because everyone uses the kitchen at least once a day, right? It is currently in full bloom and looks quite like this (this photo was taken last year though):

I know. It's beautiful. I think so every year. 

Today I was looking at it whilst making a cup of coffee for myself, and perhaps I'm in a reflective and pensive mood today, but I thought about how beauty never lasts. It doesn't just apply to this tree, it applies to all the flowers in my garden as well. It's sad to see them wilt and die after a short period of time, but it's quite spectacular how they have the ability to resurrect themselves the following year. It could relate to the beauty in our lives as well. Happiness never lasts. 

Here's the question I've been wondering for a few hours now: is it because of the transient nature of the beauty around us, such as the flowers, and the beauty in our lives that helps us cherish it when the moment comes or when the flowers bloom? If we had it all the time, would we appreciate them? I would like to say that we as a human race would, but I would be lying to myself. We wouldn't appreciate it if it occurred all the time, I doubt we would even notice it because it would be a constant in our lives.

This realisation aches. It aches and burns and it hurts. We look for an all-consuming love, we look for neverending happiness, we look for everlasting beauty, but we only appreciate it because it comes for an incredibly short period of time. What does that say about us? 

The truth is, we don't deserve eternal beauty. Why should we have it if we won't treasure it? 


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