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fond memories
road to light

Today I went to my school's senior production of the comedy of errors. One word: hilarious. A dear friend Lucinda was in it and she was so funny, I could not stop laughing the whole time! She actually made the show brilliant. The plot was funny but her improvisations and dance moves and just everything made the play perfect!

Key moments:

- the scene with her character and Eva's character and she's trying to seduce Eva. Funniest thing ever, because of her overly-exaggerated male moves. Her hips. Classic.

- when someone takes her sword off her and she just goes "Dammit." and pouts. Love it.

- at the end when she tries to hand Emily Austin who plays her twin brother her chain and she's all "this belongs to you" and as she takes it off, realizes it's stuck to her shirt and goes "wait no it's attached to me" and everyone just watches for two minutes as she attempts to unhook the chain from her shirt. I nearly died with laughter, it was so funny.

- ALL HER IMPROVISATION AND DANCE MOVES. Her improv was funny because she would be speaking Shakespearean half the time, then randomly in normal English, and it's really obvious when it's normal English rather than Shakespearean. "let's get our.. Stuff and go on the.. Boat" hahahaha.

Oh Lucinda my friend, you are my idol. Thank you for making my night so great. I love you so very much! and of course to everyone else in the play, you were all perfectly wonderful and splendid and it was a fabulous show. I am so glad I went to watch it.


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